How Startups Land Sales with Government of Canada

How Startups Land Sales with Government of Canada Program

O’ Canada!  Congrats to the Government of Canada for the BCIP program!  If you are a Canadian startup with innovation that hasn’t hit the market yet.  Apply to land your first sales and get tested by the Government of Canada.  Please read on…


Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

Want to participate?

Small to mid sized businesses need to meet the following:

Canadian-based company

  • Canadian-based
  • Possess innovation with a significant advance in your market sector
  • Own the innovative product or service’s IP
  • Product must consist of at least 80% Canadian-made resources
  • Not currently be generating revenue at the time of Proposal submission
  • Must receive interest from a government department(s)
  • Innovation must improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the government department(s)

For more information: BCIP



Gold Stock Prices Climb

Gold outlook is positive, TD says, as miners’ stock prices climb higher

Shares of Canadian gold miners have been on a recent tear, as investors pile into gold in search of safety. On Thursday, the stocks of Barrick Gold Corp., Goldcorp Inc. and Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd., the country’s largest gold miners by market capitalization, soared 6.3, 4.4 and 3.4 per cent, respectively. The S&P/TSX Composite Index was… Continue reading “Gold Stock Prices Climb”

The Confidence of Change Canada

There’s a confidence of change that’s resonating throughout Canada.  Even our new Prime Minister, is part of this and recognizes Canada as a tech hub.

Okay, but what about our change? (excuse the pun) Recently our change is not worth much if you compare it to United States currency. But, for now, our plunging currency is making startups attractive to investors. Indeed, globally, investors understand one thing – what goes down usually goes up thus making investments in Canadian startups potentially a lucrative venture for many.


Then there’s our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that recently spoke to 400 delegates that included global billionaires and leaders of worldwide corporations at the World Economic Forum  in January 2016.   

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “We have extraordinary high-tech sectors, innovative manufacturers, a really strong biotech and mostly an educated, diverse and creative population.” This is what drives innovation, technology and entrepreneurship! Good news for Canada!

Our Prime Minister spoke of how even Silicon Valley (the place in the States where startups flock and the high-tech nerve center where ‘tweet’ and ‘friend’ became household verbs) look to Waterloo University in Canada for startups and techies.


Also, following the confidence of change and the “Canadian tech hub” drive, Canadian banks are adding technology talent to their boards with recent appointments of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with deep connections to Silicon Valley. Kewel!


There are also really good incentives in Canada for tech companies. For example, for every dollar spent on an engineering team, companies can get around one third of the cost back from government programs. There are plenty more programs that support startups. Kudos again, O’Canada!



So, with our high tech sectors, and an educated, diverse and creative population, an increase in cross border relationships with the US, incentive programs for startups, more investment, and our Prime Minister on board, Canada’s business model is a changing! Congrats Canada!

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Amazing #Unicorns in Canada

Canada, 3rd place, country rank and number of exits from

first quarter to the third quarter in 2015!


Thx to my fav, cbinsights

The United States  led all countries in the number of exits. Kewel!



Also, it’s heart-warming to see marketing, advertising and sales in the top category for VC backed tech exits for the third quarter.

Get your full report here….CBInsights Tech Exits

business to business

Then, there’s my obsession with unicorns.  SVAngel with the most Tech IPO pipeline companies valued at $1 billion, the unicorns! Congrats!
Let’s not forget those unicorns!
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Canada’s shoo-in for Unicorns

Canada’s shoo-in for Unicorns

Oscar A Jofre, top 100th thought leader for equity crowdfunding, and Sr. Securities Analyst, Able H. Lazarus, of the Securities Commission for Nova Scotia spoke in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nov., 27, 2015 about disruption, safety, and crowdfunding (raising investment for small & medium sized businesses) in Canada!

Specifically, how, if crowdfunding is done correctly – with transparency it could mean more global investment for startups & medium sized businesses in Canada!



Crowdfunding shoo-in for Canadian unicorns?

Unicorns are startup companies valued over 1 billion.

What does crowdfunding mean for Canada?

For startups and mid-sized businesses this means more investors, money and opportunity for growth.

More money, more opportunities, more unicorns?

More Decacorns —-companies valued over $10 billion.

Decacorns – Congrats to Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Snapchat, Uber, & WhatsApp!

thanks Canada!


#United States #Canada #Australia Best Places Female Entrepreneurship


Whoa! According to the New Global Scorecard, the US, Canada and Australia are names the best places for female and biz.

“…..Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network aims to ensure women entrepreneurs have access to technology, capital and networks to grow their businesses.”

“The success of entrepreneurs and small businesses is critical for a thriving global economy, and at Dell we believe women entrepreneurs must play a much more prominent role in business and leadership in the future,” said Karen Quintos, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Dell. “Our Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network aims to ensure women entrepreneurs have access to technology, capital and networks to grow their businesses. The Scorecard provides the data-driven insights we need to move the broader conversation from awareness to action and allow female entrepreneurs around the world to reach their full potential.”