Financing in 2009

I am the owner of Halifax Finance and would like to begin a discussion about financing options available for women owned businesses.  I would like to hear success stories and what lessons others can learn. 

Are women finding it easy to access financing for their businesses?  Are they taking their business to the next level or is financing preventing this?  Are the worldwide credit challenges  affecting women owned businesses either in Nova Scotia or other parts in our world?  Would really like to hear some opinions.


One thought on “Financing in 2009

  1. Larry Matthews

    Recession are always tough times when it comes to accessing small business financing. In the halifax area Bluewater can lend up to $150,000 and BDC can lend more. I just did a deal through BDC for $1,150,000.00. I did an appraisal for League Savings at $1,300,000 but not sure what the loan to value ratio was. Wayne at league savings seems like a good lender and does a fair bit of business localy. In Truro see Lonny at BDC. For farm related Bruce Bishop at farm credit in Truro is the guy to talk to. As far as good bankers go I can’t realy recommend anyone at the banks these days. I would recommend a credit union over a bank for lower fees and costs on a day to day basis.

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