Canadian That is Known For Doing Good – The Funding Network 2011

I have taken on the challenge the has given us bloggers.  To write every either once a day or a week in 2011. 

As a business owner in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, I have discovered that partnering with like-minded people and businesses is more interesting and effective when operating my business.  Even more important to me is to improve our global community. 

Today I want to recognize a true Candian citizen,  Frederick Mulder, who discovered,” that giving with others is more interesting, more effective.”

Mr. Mulder is a Canadian citizen who has earned a living as a big-dollar art dealer and is a philanthropist.  In 2007, Mr. Mulder sold a Picasso etching for about $3 milllion (US) and then gave $2.3 million to the Prairie Trust charity that is dedicated to sustainable agriculture.  He founded this charity.  

Mr. Mulder also has an agency that is known for doing good  – The Funding Network that he launched in London with chapters in Johannesburg  and Toronto.  He discovered that giving with others is more interesting and more effective!

In 2005, Mr. Mulder was awarded the Judges’ Special Prize for ” leveraging millions of pounds… to encourage others to be philanthropic.” The Funding Network plans to focus on climate-change initiatives to kick start the move to a low carbon economy. 

Like Mr. Mulder, Halifax Finance, my business specializes on assisting businesses that are focused on climate changing.   

Similar to Mr. Mulder, I know there are many injustices and I have developed the habit of  even helping small business to address these issues. 

As a business owner I have faced many injustices and have found it more interesting , more satisfying and definately more competent with the company of ethical and smart people.


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