Last year I had the pleasure of being nominated as a successful woman entrepreneur during GLOBAL entrepreneurship week.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Meghan Swim and hearing about all the wonderful changes her organziation was making in the world!

I met with Meghan Swim to discuss the panel I was to be on.  However, after meeting I definately could see how much more there was to Meghan!  She was passionate, empowering, excited about opportunties and to make change happen!

We spoke about me returning to school as a single mother because yes, I was a drop out, and how I took too many study courses and read as much as I could about studying.  It was then we connected – really connected as I had wanted to help teenagers stay in school and make GREAT GRADES!

After brainstorming I told Meghan I had 6 tips for children/teenagers/adults to stay in school and get GREAT GRADES!  She told me SMU SIFE were putting on workshops to help kids stay in school. I said I would be honored to assist and we developed our workshop.  About one week ago together we gave the GREAT GRADES workshop.  The children attending may have been at risk at dropping out of school.  It was wonderful, finally, I was able to teach others what I had learned.  Well, really, I teach just about anyone I come across that might be going to school.  I have taught my daughter, her friends, my friends, other friends and so on…

I want to recognize Meghan Swim as a true Canadian that gives back.  I also would like to recognize SIFE for the wonderful work they do in our community! They rock!

Meghan Swim is part of  Saint Mary’s University, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia,  chapter of SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise).  There are over 50 teams in Canada and they are making a huge impact nation wide starting right here in Halifax. They run educational projects throughout the year that touch on learning and teaching personal and financial success skills, business ethics, market economies, and entrepreneurship.

Each year teams present their work in regional and national competitions to judges who are tops in the business world. The winning of the SIFE

Canada competition goes on to compete against the worlds best in the SIFE World Cup, held in cities around the world.

ACE is the official operator of the SIFE program in Canada. ACE (Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship) is a national non-for-profit organization whose goal is to teach students the important principles and values of entrepreneurship and market economies. Across Canada, over 50 university and college campuses participate in one of ACE’s two programs – SIFE and Student Entrepreneur.

For more information on ACE please visit the website

Programs and Projects:

Fashioned after the famous TV show the Apprentice, this competition engages students in business tasks which will improve their business skills. Nineteen teams of four members entered the competition, but after three stages of tasks only one teams remained standing. Examples of tasks included fundraising $19,000 for the Breast Cancer Society and Cancer Association, helping a new internet business start-up, and planning & presenting a $100,000 event to Molson executives.

Community Involvement:
This year ACE worked with Junior Achievement to teach students at Gorsebrook Junior High and St. Agnes the economics of staying in school. It is a well known fact that increased education provides Canadians with the ability to make a higher income in the future.


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