2011 Year of the Entrepreneur

Halifax Finance was born in the worldwide credit crisis on August 28, 2008 after many years of research and development. We offered alternative financing options or partnerships to businesses in Canada. One of our first projects was partnering with the Federal government to take Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs to access investment readiness and angels and venture capitalists.

Since then, as a founder, I’ve had to surround myself with like-minded people, those with the same mindset and only the client’s best interest in mind. It’s my goal to surround Halifax Finance with caring, family, community-lead partners and employees. The partners and employees we work with are some of the smartest in their fields.

Halifax Finance continues to care about our global community. We are trying to help make changes in Africa.  Also, partnering with Dubai for various projects. Locally, we volunteer to help keep our youth get great grades and stay in school.

2011 Year of the Entrepreneur making a difference in our global community.


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