Lana Larder Nominated for the 2011 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

Halifax, NS (Canada) – On Thursday, July 14th, 2011, Halifax Finance Founder and President, Lana Larder, received the news that she had been nominated for the 2011 prestigious RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. These prominent Awards are an initiative of Women of Influence Inc., and are
presented by Royal Bank of Canada. This year’s nomination is made even more special by the fact that Deloitte put her forward as a contender.

A nominee of the Bell Trailblazer Award category is described thus:
“This entrepreneur is a true trendsetter. She has recognized a new market, product, service, technological advancement or opportunity and led the way. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership both within her company and her market, set the standards for originality, quality and successful management. She is a mentor, a visionary, a leader, a successful businesswoman and in all elements a trailblazer in her field.”

“Throughout her 10 plus financing career, Lana has consistently ‘pushed the old boy’s club’ – developing her own network of angels and preferred lenders, building her business; promoting and developing new markets; leading business owners to financing options in markets swept with adversity,
and challenging the “old boy’s club.” Lana also mentors business owners, volunteers to keep youth in school, and raises her family,” commented Bruce Russell of Halifax.

Larder’s entrpreneurial spirit, positive leadership style and unwavering commitment to clients have put Halifax Finance on a successful and exciting path. As the founder of Halifax Finance, she has recognized and tapped clean energy opportunities, commericial lenders, manufacturing lenders,
identified new trends, new financing models and fostured a strong culture.

Larder had this to say of the honour, “It’s exciting to be recognized as a woman in a distinctly, ‘old boy’s club.’ In Halifax, the private lending market is dominated by men. Throughout the world, women have a harder time to access financing and this rings true in Nova Scotia. Founding Halifax
Finance helps even out the playing field.”

The purpose of these Awards is to provide recognition on a national level to Canada’s Women Entrepreneurs, whose successful businesses and achievements contribute significantly to the Canadian and global economies as well as their own communities.

The Awards debuted in 1992 and since then more than 7000 women have been nominated and of those 98 Awards have been presented. Award categories include the following: Deloitte Start-Up, HKMB HUB INTERNATIONAL Impact, RBC Momentum, TPH Sustainability, Bell Trailblazer and PROFIT
Excellence in Entrepreneurship.
Please see the link below to view the full list of 2011 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Nominees


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