Technology Changes Impact Angel Investing THUMBS UP

Bob Chawarth- Musters, is the founder of the Angel Forum, the oldest Angel group in Canada.  He’s                      basically one of the most innovative and forward thinkers in Canada when it comes to Angel investing.  Since around 1970, angels (private high net worth individuals)  began to form angel groups (pools or groups of  high net worth individuals.)

From 1970’s to 2011, angel investments continued to rise in technology, media and entertainment, and the rise of many women-led ventures in the United States.  In this example, women-led ventures refer to organizations and/or angel fund/Venture Capital fund targeted on women entrepreneurs.  In Canada, there still remains a lack of women-led ventures.

In 2008, I founded to accelerate angel funding for entrepreneurs, in particular to advance women entrepreneurs. Globally, Canadians are world-class researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Challenges remain to commercialize innovation and create new and growing companies.  Technology has directly contributed to Halifax Finance Inc.’s success through global partnerships to help entrepreneurs access money through angels and alternative funders. Long term plans for Halifax Finance include a fund dedicated for female entrepreneurs.

Technology has not only played a role in Halifax Finance’s success, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but is also directly impacting global changes.  Just take a look at the Leaders in communication technology driven businesses that are directly impacting social change like:  Twitter, Wikipedia, Skype, Google, Facebook, linked,  and the Ipad, etc. ..

So, how’s this changing the world into a better place for entrepreneurs? How does technology help entrepreneurs that have no place else to turn to innovate and grow their business?  Directly because of  changes in technology, there are now thousands of funding opportunities available online for entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs can apply on line and have access to thousands of  angel investors.  Similarly, Angel investors are increasing because they can actively search for business opportunities on line.

Technology changes impact Angel Investing – Explosion of Angels!



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