Angels abundant in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Happiest City on Twitter – Halifax


If you are looking for the happiest place, just head east:  


Halifax has been dubbed the happiest city in Canada, based on what it tweets.  






‘The best day Halifax ever had’

$25 Billion Contract awarded Oct. 19, 2011

Halifax Shipyard to build navy combat ships

Halifax Rainmen Basketball team break NBL Canadian Record –

Halifax Rainmen set the most points scored by a single team in one game at 125 points.  

Halifax native Mike Squires – 2 year contract CFL Calgary Stampeders –


Mike Squires grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and played high school football at Halifax West a few years ago. All Canadian Acadia receiver will graduate from Acadia University with a business degree in May 2012. Then Mike will be officially training with the CALGARY STAMPEDERS!





17 year old Brad Eddy – NASCAR track Champion – 1st Canadian !

Brad Eddy is just 17 years old and in November 2011 won a Nascar Track Championship. 

From what I hear – he is the first Canadian to ever win a US based Nascar Championship!  Brad is from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia and has been pursuing racing since the age of six! 






Province of Nova Scotia listens to small businesses 

September 30, 2011 – Province of Nova Scotia made many changes to improve financing opportunities for small business owners in Nova Scotia.  The Credit Unions in Nova Scotia offer provincially guaranteed loans.  Changes include:1. loan program increase max. loan amount from $150,000 to $500,000; 2.  extend amort. from 7 to 10 years 3. offer initial guarantee of 90 %, up from  75 %.

9th Most Powerful Woman in the World, Forbes Magazine

First Woman to lead International Monetary Fund – Christine Largarde.  

The IMF is an organization of 187 countries that work together to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, international trade, and sustainable economic growth and reduction of poverty around the world.

9th Most Powerful Woman in the World, Forbes Magazine



Stronach partner has plans for Nova Scotia

Women – Jolt the region needs?

Halifax Finance Inc. partners with Belinda

Stronach Foundation.  Money connector Lana

Larder has lofty goals for female entrepreneurs in

Atlantic Canada.  And an invitation to rub

shoulders with the heavy-hitting partners of the Belinda Stronach Foundation could be the jolt the

region needs.

Message – Go south, young start-up.  

Canada’s venture capital taps slow to trickle – Thursday, December 2011, the Globe and Mail reported that Canadian entrepreneurs now making trips to Silicon Valley, Boston and NYC for VC funding that’s increasingly hard to find at home. 

Halifax Finance Inc. rolodex of Angels exploding.  Directly because of research, advancements in technology, and the ever increasing global reach we are now able to connect businesses to funders from China, United States, Dubai etc. Our rolodex and our partnerships are exploding.  



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