Canadian Applications open for funding & accelerator program: Mind to Market Canada

From Mind To Market:
Workshop on Commercialization & Productivity

london underground accelerator

From ‘Mind to Market’ was a workshop I co-designed for Saint Mary’s Sobeys School of Business in partnership with ACOA.  These sessions were taught to entrepreneurs when angel investing was just beginning in Atlantic Canada.

This workshop was similar to what has grown into accelerators in Canada. An accelerator is a place where entrepreneurs locate their business and life for a time (around 4 months).  These entrepreneurs are surrounded by other entrepreneurs, and have access to almost anyone they might need to help them grow their idea or business.


Also, there is the funding program put out by the Federal government to help businesses get sales and test their product or services.

If you are a Company that is looking to commercialize – apply to the federal government under the Build in Canada Innovation Program Call for Proposals. Deadline is September 16, 2014. 


Because funding is reported by Canadian entrepreneurs as often the hardest to obtain, once their product/service is ready to move from mind to marketplace, our Federal government is helping to fund this gap.

How will you change the world

BCIP or Build in Canada Innovation Program awards contracts through a procurement process (you need to apply) to assist businesses to sell their products & services to the government. This program also helps reduce risks of untested products by providing testing and feedback on goods and services.

Build in Canada closes September 16, 2014.   

Priority areas include enabling technologies, health, environment, safety and security, and a military component.




Accelerators are becoming the latest trends for entrepreneurs – it’s a program where you are immersed in your business to resources and contacts to accelerate growth.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston is Open for Applications

Deadline July 23, 2014

(CTA @ Boston)

Accelerator candidates: Small to mid  Canadian companies

Industries: Life Sciences, ICT (Including Green IT and Health IT), Robotics and Security technologies, and emerging food product sectors, with initial traction in the market, differentiated technology, and potential to scale your business through the Boston experience.

What is it? Four -month immersion program in Boston that connects businesses to unique resources and contacts in New England to help accelerate growth. You get an office space around other entrepreneurs and introductions to experienced mentors, advisors, executives, industry leaders, venture capitalists and others; along with networking events; and additional connections from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

Deadline to apply July 23, 2014  




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