Global Investment Trends 2014

Global investment trends in 2014 = Startup Capital

There’s plenty of global movement & emerging investment trends in 2014.

Some lead the way working hard to innovate, competing on the world stage, and impact others for the good.

The Place for Startups: Recently COLOMBIA moved to the top on the list for local and foreign investment beating out New York and Tel Aviv. How? Colombia provided capital for startups. baby_black_simple_small_outline_drawing_white_cartoon_heart_eagle_angel_wing_free_line_draw_wings_hearts_logo_coloring_angle_tattoo_pages_designs_drawings_angels_tattoos_sketches Not an easy Feat, congrats! The most  ‘INNOVATIVE CITY of the YEAR! Colombia’s second largest city, Medilin is predicted to become a regional tech hub – already stimulating local & foreign investments.  Part of  $389 million program to turn Medellin into ‘Latin America’s capital in science, technology and innovation’ by 2021. Reported, July 10, 2014 Flurry of Acquisitions & Mergers good For Angel Investments: The flurry of acquisitions & mergers are Good for venture funding groups. Reports are stating there has been a pent up demand after the recession. It makes sense.  The economy has to move on and grow. growthchart It’s also interesting;

“The big corporations are buying medium-size groups and the medium-sized ones are buying our angel groups,” said Blake.

Ariel Souteast Angel Partners, funding group member Jim Goodlett reports one recent buyout worth around $115 million (17-fold return on investment.)

 ‘”The small company becomes the best value for the large company to acquire,”’ said Wenig. TheBullatDalalStreet_AFP

Located in Richmond Hill, in the United States, Ariel Southeast Angel Partners is looking for potential investments in the region. They typically invest in both the Southeast and across the US. Lesley Francis, a board member, said the group would like to attract more locally based companies with established, credible business plans. Get your game on…US startups! The Middle East is making change through angel investing & microcredit financing. Heather Henyon currently heads Balthazar Capital, and is the founder of the Women’s Angel Investment Network (WAIN). Here’s a bit about Heather: In Morocco, Heather worked with a woman for 10 years + to grow a family farm from a couple of sheep to:

  • 200 sheep,
  • raise and sell Arabian horses,
  • produce cheese,
  • provide jobs for her family and,
  • provisions for her community.

She creates opportunities across the Middle East and North through angel investment and microfinance. Congrats Heather Henyon for making such a difference! Love Canada.. Foreign_Direct_Investment_Canada In India, early stage Angel Investors have a wish list to see the tax exemption on angel investment as initial external funding. Then there are other budget changes they would like to see including:

  1. easy availability of soft loans without collaterals or personal guarantees;
  2. making bank lending and debt easier for startups;
  3. tax breaks for angel investments;
  4. making incubation expenditure mandatory – just like CSR spends are compulsory out of profits; and,
  5. subsidize the costs for startups that provide employment above a certain threshold.

Wishing with you! BrunetteAngel Then there is the Top 20 Angel Investors (aka extremely male-heavy list) ranked by Accelerator 500 Startups and compiled by CB Insights.  sexy man angel images         Elsewhere, Google announced the creation of European arm of its venture capital fund, Google Ventures.  Bill Maris (Managing Partner, Google Ventures) broadcasted Google Ventures launching new $100 million fund arm.

“Our goal is simple: we want to invest in the best ideas from the best European entrepreneurs, and help them bring those ideas to life.”’

lots of thumbs ups

Go Google & Europe! Congrats! Then the latest trend on investing and females! According to an article in Forbes,

Men fund men and women fund women. 

female angel investor with bags money

In the UK (United Kingdom), a beautiful place, only 12 percent of business angels are female, and only 12 percent of business angels funded female entrepreneurs in 2011.  People tend to fund people just like them.   At least that’s what was recorded….women fund women according to an article in Forbes. “”As discussed recently at Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunders Conference 2014, women entrepreneurs are in general more successful with their crowdfunding campaigns. Female angel-investor They are reported as trustworthy and are faster growing their business after receiving funding. Further it seems that they have an advantage at engaging with their investors.”” Need more female angel investors…… Impact Investing poised to grow.  India is poised to grow through impact investing and South Asia and Southeast Asia are among the top target regions for impact investing, according to  recent survey by JPMorgan and Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN).impact investing. Currently India’s impact investment sector is one of the most active in the region. Congrats India for your Impact Investments! ============================================================================

It’s nice to see new innovation hubs, like Colombia leading the way for startups! The flurries of acquisitions & mergers are great for the economy, entrepreneurs, angel investment & venture capital in the United States. In the Middle East, there is a female angel  group making a difference in women’s lives and growing businesses.  In India, early stage investors have wish lists! 

In the UK & the US, women investors are funding women entrepreneurs. Forbes reports Men fund Men, and Women fund Women. We need more female investors and female angel funds. Impact investing is growing globally with India leading the way as one of the most active in the region. Let’s keep our startups going. 

Global Investment Trends 2014

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