US &Canadian Female Angels, VC’s, Funders You Should Know

canada vs us

I have compiled a list for female entrepreneurs seeking female angels, VC’s and funders.  The US has more women investing in their communities when it comes to female angels, VC’s and organizations providing funding for females. 

There are few organizations that teach specific investor training in Canada to potential female investors. In the US there are numerous organizations that support female entrepreneurs with angel investment.

Organizations (typically angel groups) in the US have realized that females may need to be educated on what it takes to become an angel investor.

This industry has been traditionally male dominated. In the US, these groups help females realize how important it is to invest in their communities, and how female entrepreneurs usually invest 90% back into their communities.

Startup business concept

These US organizations recognize how important investor training is for females.

They offer females the chance to learn about investor training.  Investor training may include how to be a board member, learn about emerging trends, and how to source, select, due diligence, recognize value and finally how to invest in early stage female start ups. 

What is an Angel Investor? Angel investors are high net worth people who invest in entrepreneurs that have an early stage company. Most angel investors take equity in return. Angel investors typically invest smaller amounts of money.

female angel investor with bags money


What is an Angel Group? Some angel investors join an angel group giving them the opportunity to invest with other angel investors and lower their risk.


What is a VC? Venture Capital companies typically invest large amounts of money and typically invest in later stage companies.


List of  US & Canadian Female Angels, VC’s & Funders You Should Know:

500 Women:  


Cartier Women’s Initiative:

Digital Undivided:

Double Digit Academy:

FastTrac NewVenture:

Golden Seeds:

In Good Company:


Make Mine a Million (Count Me In):

Own It Ventures:

Pipeline Fellowship:

Springboard Enterprises:

The 85-Percent:

Women 2.0:

Women Innovate Mobile:

Women’s Venture Fund:  

Andrea Zurek :…

Joanne Wilson, NY…

Dale Murray, London…

Marnie Walker – Canada | LinkedIn

Arlene Dickenson


Renata Akhunova

Geraldine Alias – North Bridge Venture Partners

Cyan Banister

Amy Banse – Comcast Ventures

Rachel Botsmen – Collaborative Fund

Corinne Bright – Onset Ventures

Eileen Burbidge – White Bear Yard

Christina Cacioppo – Union Square Ventures

Marissa Campise – Venrock

Carmen Chang – NEA

CeCe Cheng – First Round Capital

Julie Chin

Meg Devine – North Bridge Venture Partners

Monica  Dodi – Women’s VC Fund

Tracy Doree – MMC Ventures

Edith Dorsen – Women’s VC Fund

Lara Druyan – G&B Partners

Esther Dyson – EdVenture Holdings

Amy Errett – Maveron

Catarina Fake

Deborah Farrington – StarVest Partners

Shana Fisher – Highline Ventures

Diane Fraiman – Voyager Capital

Allison Goldberg – Time Warner Investments

Theresia Gouw Ranzetta – Accel Partners

Dayna Grayson – North Bridge Venture Partners

Kirsten Green – Forerunner Ventures

Jill Greenthal – The Blackstone Group

Karen Griffith Gryga – MAG Fund

Christine Herron – Intel Capital

Mellody Hobson – Ariel Investments

Sandra  Horbach – The Carlyle Group

Shirley Hornstein

Ann Hummer – Hummer Winblad

Naheed Ismaili Misfeldt – Aberdare Ventures

Jessica Jackley – Kiva and Collaborative Fund

Jalak Jobanputra – RTP Ventures

Whitney Johnson – Rose Park Advisors

Lynn Jurich

Karin Klein – Bloomberg Ventures

Sharon Knight – Avik Ventures

Vani Kola – NEA Venture

Venetia Kontogouris

Kay Koplovitz – Koplovitz & Co

Jill  Krishnamurthy – Dolphin Capital

Rachel Lam – Time Warner Investments

Lisa Lambert – Intel Capital

Ann  Lamont – Oak Investment Partners

Christina LaMontagne – Physic Ventures

Kathleen LaPorte – New Leaf Venture Partners

Jenny Lee – GGV Capital

Aileen Lee  – Kleiner Perkins

Ellen Levy

Ruby Lu – DCM

Jennifer Lum – Apricot Capital

Rebecca Lynn – Morgenthaler Ventures

Helen MacKenzie – Women’s VC Fund

Holly Maloney – North Bridge Venture Partners

Joy  Marcus – DFJ Gotham Ventures

Susan Mason – Aligned Partners

Mary Meeker – Kleiner Perkins

Nell Merlino – Make Mine A Million

Kate Mitchell – Scale Venture Partners

Ann Miura-Ko – Floodgate Fund

Hollie Moore Haynes – Silver Lake Partners

Patricia Nakache  – Trinity Ventures

Anna Nikolayevsky– Axel Capital

Natalia Oberti Noguera – Pipeline Fellowship

Rebecca Norlander – Illuminate Ventures

Adele Oliva – Quaker Partners

Michel Orban – RRE Ventures

Cindy Padnos – Illuminate Ventures

Stephanie Palmeri – Soft Tech VC

Ellen Pao – Kleiner Perkins

Jill  Preotle

Katie Rae – Techstars

Theresia Gouw Ranzetta – Accel Partners

Amanda  Reed – Palomar Ventures

Julie Richardson – Providence Equity

Then there are the following:

Aileen Lee, Andrea Zurek, Anita Brearton, Ann Miura-Ko, Beth Ellyn McClendon, Carol Nichols, Caterina Fake, Christina A. Brodbeck, Christina Cacioppo, Christine Herron, Cyan (and Scott) Banister, Cynthia Fisher Dale Murray, London, Eileen Burbidge Esther Dyson, Edufund Halle Tecco, Techammer Helen Greiner Irena Goldenberg Jalak Jobanputra Janet Kraus Jean Hammond Jeanne Sullivan Jennifer Lum Jessica Livingston (YC) Jill Preotle Joanne Wilson Joyce Chung Katherine Barr Katie Rae Lara Druyan Lauren Flanagan Laurie Yoler Linda Holliday Magdalena Yesil, formerly of USVP Maria Cirino Mariam Naficy Marissa Campise Marissa Mayer Meagan Marks Mina Hsiang Natala Menezes Rudina Seseri Sarah Tavel Shana Fisher, Highline VC Sherry Coutu Sheryl Schultz Siobhan Quinn Stephanie Hanbury-Brown Susan Wu Suzanne Biegel Theresia Gouw Ranzetta, Accel Veronica Jordan Virginia M. Turezyn

Aileen Lee Andrea Zurek Anita Brearton Ann Miura-Ko Beth Ellyn McClendon Christina A. Brodbeck Christina Cacioppo Christine Herron Cyan (and Scott) Banister Eileen Burbidge Irena Goldenberg Jalak Jobanputra Jennifer Lum Joyce Chung Katherine Barr Katie Rae Lara Druyan Lauren Flanagan Laurie Yoler Linda Holliday Marissa Campise Meagan Marks Mina Hsiang Natala Menezes Rudina Seseri Sarah Tavel Sherry Coutu Sheryl Schultz Siobhan Quinn Stephanie Hanbury-Brown Virginia M. Turezyn



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