1937, Spirit of Christmas Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

It was 1937, December 17th, and Christmas was hovering over Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The spirit of Christmas was glowing at Jeremy Maher’s house on Noel Street in the north end of Halifax.  Jeremy was eight years old, and in grade three.


Jeremy lived in a nice house. They had two Christmas trees –  a small Christmas tree with white candles lit up the front entrance. In the living entrance, a oversized spruce tree brought warmth and the Christmas spirit. Jeremy helped his family decorate the tree with pinecones, ribbons, cinnamon, and popcorn strings.. It smelled so good!

1937 house christmas

Even Spot, the dog, had a Christmas spirit about him, now if they could just get Veronica the cat to get in the Christmas spirit.

Jeremy and

Jeremy led a pretty good life.  You see Jeremy had special powers, and well because he had these special powers  he – well, he couldn’t really be around noise and crowds!  It confused him and his special powers seemed to get weak!

He had a Dad and a Mom who loved him dearly.  This year he was really excited about Christmas.  “I feel like I’m really growing up,” he thought.  I am eight now going on nine.”

It was 4:37 pm and Mike Diamond was visiting Jeremy and his family. Mike  was a family friend.  Mike was in his late forty’s and really liked Jeremy.  All in all Jeremy really liked Mike.  It was a good friendship.

Jeremy and Mike sat in chairs by the fireplace talking when the rest of the family went to the other room.

Jeremy looked sad.  “I have no friends,” says Jeremy.

“Why do you say that?” says Mike.

“Well, there’s never any kids or friends around my house.” says Jeremy.

“Sometimes, people have to go out of their way to make friends.  They have to reach out.  Also, Jeremy, remember you have special powers! says Mike.

Santa and his reindeer-1937

“What do you mean ?I have special powers?” says Jeremy.

“Well, remember when we went to that Christmas dinner at the church and you Jeremy made four people happy right there at the dinner table by sharing.  Nobody else thought to do this at the table but you Jeremy.   You always share.

You always care about people and make sure they are happy and fed!

Remember, Jeremy, that is the most special power in the world!”

 “Geez, maybe I do have super powers this Christmas!

Jeremy decided then and there he was going to reach out more and got his mom to make a play date with Victor Cross who lived down the road on Barrington Street.

Jeremy smiled ear to ear.

whats your superpowerAlbert Einstein “Professor Einstein, we are so far from each other and yet so near. It is science that has shortened all distances.

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