Fashion & Halifax give back to breast cancer

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I am proud to know and have met Linda Smilestone a couple years ago when she first designed her Keffit.  She loved large, Middle Eastern-styled, square-shaped scarves worn everywhere in the world. She also loved a special friend and made them in pink to help raise funds for breast cancer research.

Linda Smilestone is an entrepreneur that gives back and she’s from Halifax, Nova Scotia!  Linda worked many years to get her product to market.  I knew she had a great product and tried to help guide her to many agencies and institutes for business assistance and funding.  I was amazed my her talent and personality and relentless passion!

She is a designer and entrepreneur that just would not give up! She worked at a hospital in the evening, and tirelessly worked on her true love – her product development during the day.  I am proud of her and recognize all the hurtles she had to overcome to get her product to market!

Her first product – beribboned, pink scarves scarf – designed with love giving back to breast research To Give Pink A Chance!   A true giving entrepreneur!

Her scarves are sold in six stores in Halifax, Bedford and Parrsboro, and Sundays at the Alderney Landing Farmers’ Market in Dartmouth.

Linda’s scarves are also available online

give pink a chance il_570xN_654899560_1z8p


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