Investing No Longer Depends on White-Male Stereotype report 30 Under 30 VC’s


Investing no longer depends on white-male stereotype reports 30 under 30 VC’s

Investing is not longer depending upon a white-male stereotype even though several Silicon Valley icons still make the list.  This year’s 30 under 30 list of VC’s reveal 8 female investors out of 30, along with investors from India and Taiwan, Venezuela and Ukraine.

8 Female Investors out of 30 VC’s

female angel investor with bags money

Alex Banayan (Alsop Louie Partners) and Stephanie Weiner (Bain Capital Ventures) both started investing in their teens.  Stephanie is a founding member of Dorm Room Fund.  Alex is writing a book about his career advising Lady Gaga to the Department of Education.

Female investor First Round Capital’s Cee Cee Cheng, (27 years old) Director of Dorm Room Fund started as a peer-to-peer investing platform that’s backed 60 student startups.

Showing face.

Then there is the most powerful investor in Silicon Valley – he’s 29 years old and the president of Y Combinator that gets 10,000 submission each year.  He’s Sam Altman, and his startup, Loopt, sold for $43.4 million!

whats your superpower

Ilya Golubivich, is 29 and a managing partner of I2BF Global Ventures that backs companies launching satellites and mining for precious minerals on asteroids.

Blaze Byers is 29 and a general partner at Google Ventures.  Chetan Puttagunta is 28, and rose from associate to partner at NEA in just three years.

There is also Nitesh Banta, 28, and Peter Boyce II,at 24 years old that both joined the list for founding Rough Draft Ventures, providing funding up to $25,000 to dozens of student entrepreneurs.

Young investors, more female investors, and immigrant investors represent the changing face of technology and investing!


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