5 Startup Patterns & Traits $32 billion + Companies – Twitter, Uber, Pinterest, Instagram


If you own a company, and you are in the startup phase, the easiest way may be to learn from those that have reached $32 billion + status?

What are the patterns and traits found in $32 billion + companies like Twitter, Uber, Pinterest and Instagram?


What did they look like as startups?

Even, more important, may be why did they get funded when they were startups?



Thanks to Shasta Ventures for the study on $32 billion dollar plus companies to uncover patterns revealing common traits including:

Patterns of $32 billion+companies, Twitter, Uber, Pinterest & Instagram

‘1) Easy to dismiss ideas.twitter big news.

2) Competitive markets.

3) Reinventing existing customer experience.

4) Untested founders.

5) Zero monetization’



According to Shasta Ventures, the key takeaway is ‘that there are large companies to be built by offering new, innovative and superior customer experiences to large markets, regardless of how competitive the sector already is or how successful the founders have been before.’




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