$1.3 billion Emerging #Canada Marijuana Industry Lights Up!


There’s a new kid in town!  Yes, the medical marijuana industry and the US is paying attention to this industry! 

Is this the Canadian industry poised to become our next unicorns?  Sources state the Marijuana industry in Canada may be worth a whooping $1.3 Billion by 2024! 

It seems our Doctors are on board with a whooping 76 % of Doctors surveyed approve usage of medical marijuana!

Canada’s emerging industry and our next unicorns may be medical marijuana.  In 2002, there were only 500 registered Canadian Marijuana Patients.  In 2015, 50,000 registered.

Predicted to be 309,000 medical marijuana patients by 2024!

End of 2014, there are only 16 licensed marijuana producers in Canada, so it seems like there is room for growth!



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