Canada’s shoo-in for Unicorns

Canada’s shoo-in for Unicorns

Oscar A Jofre, top 100th thought leader for equity crowdfunding, and Sr. Securities Analyst, Able H. Lazarus, of the Securities Commission for Nova Scotia spoke in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nov., 27, 2015 about disruption, safety, and crowdfunding (raising investment for small & medium sized businesses) in Canada!

Specifically, how, if crowdfunding is done correctly – with transparency it could mean more global investment for startups & medium sized businesses in Canada!



Crowdfunding shoo-in for Canadian unicorns?

Unicorns are startup companies valued over 1 billion.

What does crowdfunding mean for Canada?

For startups and mid-sized businesses this means more investors, money and opportunity for growth.

More money, more opportunities, more unicorns?

More Decacorns —-companies valued over $10 billion.

Decacorns – Congrats to Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Snapchat, Uber, & WhatsApp!

thanks Canada!



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